Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just an Update

It has been a while since I last posted with an update on the Brock family.. things are pretty much the same as last time.. Jadon is working hard and loving his new job the only part he is not loving (so he says) is being away from home and the family. He has made it to what is called a T2 which came with a substantial raise as well as a raise in bonuses.. we are very proud of him during the interview process we were told it takes about a year to move up and he has done it in 3 months.. GO JADON!!
Kadence no longer has T-ball to fill 2 days a week for him his last day was in June not that he liked it much anyway. he is growing so big and amazes me daily! he has a wonderful character about him and is a good friends to everyone.. he has spent a ton of time next door at my in laws because he gets so bored. I am truly grateful to have them next door and so welcoming to us both.. Kadence starts school August 18th and is looking forward to 1st grade.
I have committed myself to walking 2 miles a day :) Kadence and I go for a walk in the evening to the church by our house and back the whole trip equals out to be 2 miles it feels great you to get out and exercise!! I wish I could do some running but unfortunately my knees and back will not allow it. I am getting excited for school to start. truthfully this summer has been a really boring and long summer. we have not done many activities so the days get long..
I recently conquered my fear of driving long distances took kadence and myself to Pinedale, Wy to see Jadon at work we stayed 3 nights and had a good time getting to see Jadon and spend what time he was able to spend with us..
well this is my quick update i hope to update more often

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