Friday, January 7, 2011

A new year and new us ( I hope)

Well it is the New Year and with any New Year comes new changes ( most of them needing to come from me.)  On Christmas Eve Jadon won a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle YYYAAAYYY! anyway we were very unsure what to do with it, should we sell it or keep it after only a few days Jadon decided to sell it so that is what we did. We had a buyer instantly and with that money we bought some four-wheelers in hopes to be able to spend more time as a family and do more things so comes change number 1 MORE FAMILY TIME
Toward the end on 2010 I was diagnosed with depression, insulin resistance and thyroid problems with all those issues come change number 2 TAKE BETTER CARE OF MYSELF. I am on medication to help with most of these issues and have to change my diet to help the insulin resistance. I am currently reading a book my Doctor suggested I ready called "The Insulin Resistant Diet" it is a wonderful book  and had been very helpful to me in knowing what I should and should not eat. Change # 3 is EATING BETTER. the diet if you want to call it that is called the link and balance diet, the book is showing me how to do this.. for anyone who is trying to lose weight or is struggling with the same issues I am I highly recommend this book.
Yes there is still more changes this little family will be doing in 2011. School was extremely difficult this year so to help with that comes change 4 NO MORE WORKING yes i quit my job my last day being January 10th I will be going to school and taking care of my family, with school I was only approved (by my academic advisor) to go back part time until I get all my medical issues under control so this will also help me to bring my grades up.
change number 4 is MORE TIME WITH FRIENDS yes I said it Jadon and I love each other dearly and as much as we enjoy spending time with each other and our wonderful son, Kadence we really need more friend time as well. since we have been married we have forgotten about our friends and now it is really starting to get to us (as much as Jadon does not want to admit this). Kadence also needs to start spending time with friends and socializing with kids his age more.
So here is to hoping this new year brings a lot of happiness and better times..

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