Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been waiting for my financial aid to come through for school and while waiting for that to come in, I have been through quite the adventure. I have had to call and email financial aid daily only to get told the day before yesterday that they lost my paperwork and I need to resubmit it all. I resubmitted it yesterday and on the way home from doing that my breaks decided to freeze or something because I went to apply the breaks and had nothing, getting closer and closer to the truck that had stopped to turn in front of me and going 45mph I had to quickly merge to the other lane. Thank goodness there was no one in it. ( They seem to be working fine now though.) I got approved my financial aid and was supposed to have it applied today and well I only got part of my pell grant and none of my loans. this is becoming a bigger mess then I want to deal with.
on  a good note though I am really enjoying my classes and am so far doing really well and staying ahead of the homework! I have made a goal for myself that I will not get less then a B in any of my classes anymore.
so here is my update and here is to hoping next week gets better.

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  1. Financial aid stinks!! It seems to never fail that there is an issue with it. Glad your ok and you didn't get hurt.

    Good luck with your "B" goal. It will be easier now that you aren't working to find time to study.