Monday, January 17, 2011

To take them or not to take them

So for all of you who have heard and seen me complaining about Kadence's tonsils and how they have been swollen and red off and on since May of 2010.. Once again we are going back to the Ear Nose Throat Doctor today, and as I have said on facebook if they perscribe him another antibiotic I will go POSTAL!! I am not kidding, this poor kid has been on 3 antibiotics in 2 months. The first 2 did nothing at all, but this last one the one that cost me $80.00 to get helped at first , but soon failed as well.. once again his poor little throat is swollen and red and he is back to talking funny and snoring.. ( he almost snores as loud as Jadon) and that is not good. So the million dollar question is are they going to take them or leave them.. and they BETTER TAKE THEM or they will get to see one pissed off mommy. so wish us luck and will update when I know more.  his tounge is in the way to really see his throat but you can see it is red

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